Our Story

A saga that got kick started way back in the year 1971 is now a shining example of success achieved through constant innovation and reinvention, the success saga of Shah Electronics which had an obscure beginning in a 300 sq.ft. Shop is today manifested in the form of 11 showrooms in and around Hyderabad. The electronics retail chain that showcases almost all the major brands pertaining to electronics and other consumer durables was the brain child of Mr. G C Shah and is now spearheaded by his sons Mr. Neeraj Shah and Mr. Nishit Shah. Elaborating on the chain’s functionality, Mr. Neeraj Shah says "We can be called as the pioneers in electronic retailing in Hyderabad as we have an enviable market standing of over 41 years and we use this rich experience as latitude to benefit our clientele. We have kept our flag flying high leveraging our service centric approach, commitment and goodwill. 

Mr. Shah also feels that single-brand stores and multi-brand stores are no competition to each other as their target segment is different. A customer who is decided on a particular brand goes to the specific showroom. Whereas, a customer who looks for options is our potential customer. But the segment which hunts for good deals across brands is far bigger than the one with brand loyalty. 

Mr. Shah says "Right from an iron box and a music system to a high-end 3D LED's and Smartphones are retailed at Shah’s. Apart from this, we have an enormous showcase strength comprising of all the major electronics brands under one roof. Range and price sensitization apart, we offer personalized attention, value for money deals and periodic special deals to our clientele.